Quarantine, Hair Edition: A Black Woman’s Guide

As the days turned weeks, and now the quarantine is extended to months, it’s time that we stop ignoring the obvious, and get serious about our hair. When I say, “our” hair, I am referring to black women. For us, hair is not just a fashion statement, it’s not some exercise in futility. It’s much more than that. If you have ever heard a black woman say her hair is her ‘crown’, she means that. Literally.

Photo by S. Coleman

Not only is it our crown, but it’s also a statement. Black hair care is an investment of not only time but money. That’s why the choices we make in our hair decisions, can have consequences, good and bad, in our personal lives and especially in Corporate America, as we talked about in last week’s Quarantine Hair Edition. That’s why how we take care of our locks, and the routines we establish for doing so, are quite an investment in not only our time and money but our essence as well. On average, black women who visit our salon and use our products and services, spend around $400 per month. Right now, there are a lot of anxious black women out there and we want to help you take a breath and relax. It’s time we rethink the future of the hair care industry and what that means for all of us.

If you are at home right now struggling because your hair dresser is out of commission, or maybe they are, but you can’t afford to go right now because you are laid off. What then? Who you gonna call?

Well, for starters you can call on black Jesus. We all need him right now, but after you hang up with him? Call us, here at Stewart Boutique Salon. We are ready to answer your Quarantine hair questions Monday through Friday from 8am – 8pm EST. Normal salon hours. We want to keep you educated and informed during this process.

In the meantime, here are 3 quick tips to get you through. If that is not enough, check out our exclusive Stewart Magic ™ Hair Q.U.E.E.N. Kit for Black Hair. (Details below)

1. Date your Hair…Yes, I said it!

Find out what works for YOUR hair. Watching YouTube videos and expecting the exact same results are not ideal. Don’t get us wrong, YouTube is a GODSEND for helping beginners transition and learn how to love their natural hair, but let’s be realistic. What works for your favorite Instagram influencer’s strand of hair, might not work for you.

Get to know what type of hair you have underneath your wigs and weave. Embrace it and learn to love it. My hair is dry and brittle so I have to keep it moisturized and add an anti-itch oil to my scalp when getting quick weaves and sew-ins. My hair is Halle Berry short, which used to truly drive me insane. I hated it, I was embarrassed by it and I always called myself “bald-headed”. I was a terrible girlfriend for my hair. Black women have the most variety of textures to our hair. Different curl patterns, sensitivity, and density. Learn what your hair type is, what works well on it, and watch how much confidence it gives you. Post a picture with #ShortHairDontCare and tag us @StewartBoutique on Facebook and Twitter and @Stewart.Boutique on Instagram.

2. Keep it Right, Keep it Tight

Black hair needs plenty of moisture. Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw your hair sneaking a glass of water? Me too. Drink plenty of water. Don’t just pack grease on your locks. Check out good hydrating tips for black hair online. Now, I don’t mean to neglect to moisturize your hair. You MUST do so if it won’t affect your current hairstyle. Keep your scalp oiled and greased as much as possible, and finally. Cover your head at night with a silk bonnet or get a silk pillowcase. Try to stay away from cotton and laying directly on your pillow. It will dry out your hair. Do not sleep in a shower cap unless you are trying to deep condition your hair or remove glue or extensions effortlessly.

3. Consider Going Natural

Going natural is not an easy decision, nor should it be taken lightly. There are multiple considerations to changing from wearing wigs and weaves or perming your hair, to going full-blown Angela Davis. Will your spouse have a problem with it? Will your boss? Before you make that decision, let us help you. Our licensed cosmetologists and Natural Hair Care practitioners are here to help you.

During this quarantine, it’s time for you to make that decision. There’s no time like the present. Again, there are tons of videos and tutorials out there to help you, if that’s your route, just remember to take what you see with a grain of salt and always consider your own hair texture, quality, sensitivity, and journey. There’s no harm in trying!

It’s time we stop letting the world tell us what is beautiful. Not one single person has any business telling us our hair is unprofessional like Gabrielle Union experienced. As long as you comb your hair, keep it clean and neat, then that’s all that matters. Besides, who says we should be taking advice from a population who admits they don’t wash half their body? I’m just saying.

Hopefully, these tips have been of use to you. Check back next Monday for a new edition of Quarantine Hair. #Magic

(Quarantine Upkeep for Enhancing your Everyday Nubian)

Taking care of your extensions during this time is key to protecting your investment. We believe that focusing on maintaining a sense of normalcy will not only help inside of your hair routine but might bring a level of peace. Our Q.U.E.E.N. Kit includes:

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We’ll send you a sample of our hair extensions free of charge. You’ll get a 10″ sample of each hair texture. We’ll be teaching you how to replace your hair extensions from home with videos on our Youtube channel. So get ready!

Kit items are hand-selected products from our Stewart Magic ™ Beauty Product line, specific to black women’s hair needs to help your extensions make it through the quarantine.

To order your Q.U.E.E.N Kit Please visit us on live chat at www.stewartmagichair.com so we can be sure to get your order processed and shipped the same day.

On behalf of Stewart Boutique and the Stewart Boutique staff, please enjoy and benefit from the comfort of your own home, using our all-natural products. Stay home, stay safe and stay loved.

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