Stewart Magic Hair Blog – We’re Here! It’s Officially Our Online Launch!

In loving memory of Herman & Madge Stewart.

I love you and I miss you dearly! I hope to make you proud.

~L. Renee’

Hello everyone! Welcome to the official launch of the Stewart Magic Hair™ & Fashion Blog, brought to you by Stewart Boutique. My name is L. Renee’ Chubb and I am the CEO and Co-founder of not only the boutique, but our high quality hair and natural product line, Stewart Magic™.

Before we kick off the blog, officially, I felt it was important to take a step back from the “Contact Us” form or even the pretty comprehensive FAQ we have here on the site. I want to provide you with some perspective into who we are as a company, where the magic started, and most importantly, what our launch and product lines mean for you, our current and potential customers.

We know this is an extremely stressful and hurtful time for many of you across the country. Our hearts our prayers and our thoughts are with you, and our first responders. Shout out to all the Doctors, Nurses, EMTs and all the medical professionals doing their part to fight this global virus. We are in no way trying to down play the seriousness of any of this, by the lighthearted tone in this blog launch.

You have our 100% guarantee and reassurance that we are taking this opportunity to develop strong Standard Operating Procedures and precautions, for this very moment in time, especially when and if this ever happens again the future. The health and safety of our clients, staff, service providers, vendors and community are our #1 priority as we fight this battle together.

Without each of you, in some capacity, even the haters, businesses like and including mine, fail to exist or even deemed relevant.

With that being said, thank you to each of you, from the bottom of our hearts, for joining us on this day, for trusting us, especially, for supporting us.

To get live updates on The Coronavirus, please get your information from the CDC. Even the mainstream media has seemed to check out lately. Regardless, double and triple even the most credible of sources. Here is a link to the CDC site. If you are a beauty professional. Please apply to the site for up to $500 relief for #Covid-19.

What to Expect With Stewart Magic Hair and Fashion Blog

What exactly is Stewart Magic Hair & Fashion Blog all about? The goal of this blog is to educate, inspire, support and show you how easy it is to maintain natural hair or hair extensions during this pandemic and well beyond. Your hairdresser is a professional for a reason, and we want to help you help them, by showing you ways to take care of your hair in-between visits. Help you find outfits to go with your new hair and more! Here’s how this works:

Mondays: Quarantine: Hair Edition #QuarantineHair
Week 1: Children and young adult hair care and maintenance
Week 2: Women’s hair
Week 3: Men’s hair
Week 4: Wigs, Weave and Extensions

Wednesday: Natural Hair News, Information, Hair care #NaturalLove
Week 1: Natural Hair Love, history, stigma, styles
Week 2: Natural Hair care at Home
Week 3: Natural Hair Transitioning
Week 4: Natural Hair News & Information

Friday: Hair Loss Restoration & Treatments. #Bob&Weave
Week 1: Overcoming Hair Loss Emotions
Week 2: Medical Wigs
Week 3: Hair Growth
Week 4: Hair Maintenance

Why Stewart MagicHair?

I watched my grandmother deal with her hair loss in profound ways. Such a huge influence in my life on healthy grooming and keeping yourself presentable in public, my grandmother losing her hair did something to my soul. It crushed me to see her light dim when she looked at herself in the mirror. She struggled to find wigs that made her feel herself. I vowed to never let another grandmother look at herself like that.

That’s why we are proud to be Certified Wig Practitioners for our Cancer and Alopecia loved ones. Madge(“Magic”) passed away in 2015 of pancreatic cancer. My grandfather, Herman, passed away in 2018 from heart complications. They are the inspiration behind every decision, every thought, every action and every life we touch. I do so from a place that would make them proud, as they want me to do. We hold ourselves to the highest of every standard in this industry and as members of the same community. The human race. If you are ever in Columbus, Ohio, please look us up and come visit the shop. We have “Madge’s Corner” an exclusive one of a kind book exchange for children and adults. Inspired by the former teacher of 25 years.

Whether you shop with us, read with us, or want to cheer us on from afar, we see you and we appreciate you.

What Happens Next?

Watch this video below. Check back here for a new blog on Wednesday and follow us on social media for tips on fashion and haircare. #StayMagical

Saturdays at 2pm EST, Join us for a recorded video or LIVE hair tutorial on our YouTube Channel. Make sure you subscribe for updates and give us a like on this video.

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