The Natural Hair Transition for Beginners: #QuarantineCurls

Right now, there is an abundance of fear, anxiety, and change happening in the hair industry during the Coronavirus global pandemic.

Go to the CDC website for the latest information on symptoms, prevention, and other resources.

With all of our emotions on high, there’s some good happening behind the scenes. A community of black women, reclaiming their natural hair and making a huge impact across American and the UK.

The inherent idolization of European beauty standards, are fading away. Black women helped create a 3 Billion dollar hair care industry, and we’ve come to cash in our stock, go home and let our hair down. Literally.

But let’s be realistic. Some of us are doing this out of necessity and not a sense of urgency or pride. There are years of mental conditioning, associated with our natural hair, that needs to be undone.

Those negative connotations that exist in corporate America don’t make it easy and neither does the physical and mental time commitment involved.

We can’t snatch off our wig, put some mousse on our natural hair and walk out the door. We will be looking like a Thundercat in 2 hours. I’m here to set the proper expectations for transitioning from chemicals and weaves to embracing your natural curls. Why not now, in the middle of a quarantine where you actually have time to falling love with your hair, as we talked about on Monday. #QuarantineCurls.

Reality #1: Yes, You are Going to Lose Length

Reality #2: Buck Wild and Unbothered

Perming, dying and applying heat to your hair causes severe damage. Breakage is one of the most commons signs your hair needs some TLC. I want you to be realistic. Your hair texture will never be the same again. It’s like surgery. Once your body has been cut open, it doesn’t quite feel or act the same as it did before. That’s the same with your hair. You’ve done surgery on it. It is NEVER going to be the same as it was. Can it be BETTER? Absolutely! The key is to gradually keep your ends trimmed as your new growth comes in. Bottom line, it will be OK. The second thing is your hair will not be the same length as it was when you were straightening it and perming it to death. Embrace your natural, short hair and don’t care!

It’s going to be really tempting as the new growth comes in to grab that perm out of the fridge (yes, I said it) and get back to cracking. Literally. Constantly reward yourself and remind yourself that it’s not worth the damage that will be done. Give yourself a chip like they do in AA for days sober. Your hair is going to be a bit wild until you tame it.

You can also choose to cut it all off and start fresh, or just work with what your mama gave you, girl! Create your own and give yourself one for days natural! Patience is a virtue, my beauties!

Reality #3: Get a Routine, just like your squats

The transitioning phase from chemicals to natural locks is when you have to be super gentle with your hair, and how you treat it. There are a NUMBER of beauty products on the market for just about ever type of hair texture, color, length and quality. Stewart Magic ™ Natural hair care products are one of them. We have spent months curating the best all natural products from black owned suppliers, and developed our own beauty product line. Our sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and Dulce De Leche moisturizer are must haves for your natural hair. Let us know what you think. Do this consistently and regularly just like you do those Tik Tok videos or your squats.

It’s THAT important. In fact do your natural hair care routine as diligently as you do your oral hygiene. On second thought…Just do it daily! There!

Reality #4: Bye Felicia!

Transitioning from permed and dyed hair is not for the faint of heart. It’s a difficult and sometimes lonely journey. Nobody has your hair. Can others relate of course! But your hair is yours and yours alone and nobody can take care of it like YOU do. Even a stylist has to learn to love your natural hair as you do. That should be a requirement. If your stylist wants you to wash your hair or “brush it out” before you come in, move along and find a stylist who loves and appreciates your hair as you do.

You are never alone in this journey. If you do slip up and flat iron your hair. Don’t beat yourself up or feel defeated. Don’t let the guilt cause you to not try again. If you need someone to talk to, we offer FREE private video conferencing calls on Saturdays to help you. Visit us on LIVE chat to book your confidential consultation. Remember, the win is in trying.

Here’s to your natural beauty.

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